Year:  1985
Country:  Japan
Genre:  Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Time:  100 min

Rupan sansei: Babiron no Ôgon densetsu (1985) Subtitles

In New York City, several stone tablets have been unearthed that tell a tale about the Gold of Babylon. 2 Mafia families are after it as well as Lupin the 3rd himself. An old drunken woman named Rosetta appears to know much about this treasure than meets the eye. While Zenigata has made a group of female partners that'll lure Lupin into handcuffs. But the race is on for the gold of Babel. Who is this Rosetta woman? and what is the connection between New York and the Gold? Written by J LeGault IMDb


IMDB /  6.3